Juliet Turnbull

Founder and CEO of 2to3days


Juliet is Founder and CEO of 2to3days, the UK’s leading community of highly capable women seeking to pursue their careers on a flexible basis.

Juliet founded 2to3days after meeting so many like-minded women on the school playground. Surrounded by professional women like her, who had put their careers on hold to raise their children, she saw a huge talent pool that was going to waste.

Today, 2to3days is a business driven by purpose. Its mission is to connect progressive companies directly to highly capable women who want to pursue their career on a flexible basis. It is the only online community of professional female talent, giving companies direct easy and affordable access to a high calibre talent pool which otherwise is hard to tap into with any precision.

Their 30,000-strong community or the ‘2to3days sisterhood’ as it is affectionately called, is highly engaged with extended reach across the UK. The women not only apply for roles, but share roles and have a high attendance rate at recruitment events. They are all united by a shared mission to change the working landscape for themselves and for future generations.


Their clients – from brand leaders to buzzing start-ups – champion the virtues of flexible working and the contribution women make to the profitability and culture of their business.

When the two worlds come together, the results are game changing, with benefits seen in the office and the home, the economy and in society.

Juliet is well known as a driving force, bringing her passion and energy to any situation to make things happen. She is an intelligent thinker and an expert communicator who encourages, inspires and moves people into action.

She is a strong advocate for ‘work-life integration over ‘work-life balance’. That is, the need to recognise that work and life are intertwined rather than on opposite ends of a see-saw!

Prior to launching 2to3days, Juliet spent 12 successful years as a chartered surveyor, worked as a high-end entrepreneurial coach for eight years and chaired Macmillan’s largest fundraising event in London, raising £650,000. She is also a mother and knows what it is like to have a foot in both camps – wanting a thriving career and being there for her family.

Visit 2to3days here.


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