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Woman in wheelchair drinking coffee while working at her desk with dog in her lap

29 years of experience

With over 29 years experience in recruitment we have developed an understanding of the following sectors and professions:


Engineering : Technical and Scientific : Law : Procurement : Marketing and Sales : Human Resources : Energy : Technology : FMCG : Financial Services : Retail : Contact Centre


Our expertise allows us to pinpoint the right hiring strategy for your organisation ensuring a diverse, productive and positive working environment for all.

Inclusive Recruitment

At Diversity Scotland we work with our clients to address under-representation in their workforce. Whilst many organisations already focus on gender pay gap, we can work with you to re-balance this along with any other pay or representation gap that may also exist in your workplace e.g. disability and ethnicity. Our support to you includes:


  • Attraction planning support

  • Gender coded advertising checks

  • Anonymised shortlisting (working in conjunction with Includes You Ltd)

  • Diverse interview panels

  • Evidence based hiring decisions

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