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Diversity Scotland partners with new charity Sidh Chailleann Art

Caithness, Scotland

Barriers to Inclusion in the art world and how to overcome them

Diversity Scotland is proud to be collaborating with new Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation Sidh Chailleann Art to facilitate learning workshops for artists and creatives in Caithness, Scotland, to assess barriers to Inclusion in the art world and how to overcome them. This work is funded in collaboration with Creative Scotland.

The words Sidh Chailleann Art surrounded by illustrated antlers laid over a map of Caithness in Scotland.
Image courtesy of Sidh Chailleann Art

The arts play a crucial role in promoting diversity and inclusivity. Through the creative expression of different perspectives, the arts can serve as a catalyst for social change, helping to challenge and break down stereotypes, providing a platform for marginalised and historically excluded voices, and fostering understanding and empathy within communities.

In today's world, the arts are more important than ever to reflect and celebrate diversity by providing a visual language for exploring and expressing the complexities of identity, culture, and experience. By showcasing the work of a diverse range of artists, we can expand our understanding of the world and challenge our own biases and preconceptions, especially on important issues such as sexism, racism, discrimination, and inequity.

Artists and arts organisations in remote urban areas and rural communities, such as those in Caithness, have always faced barriers to attracting audiences, and with the need to engage more inclusively, that has intensified. However, attracting greater diversity, particularly ethnic diversity, is achievable, as long as we’re prepared to proactively shift practices and attitudes.

In our workshops with Sidh Chailleann Art; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Uncut, we will:

  • examine power and privilege and how people are minoritised, marginalised or excluded in Caithness today

  • explore the impact of non-inclusive behaviour and language

  • learn about conscious inclusion and effective allyship

  • gain an understanding of best practice behaviours to foster equity and inclusion through the arts

Ultimately, the sessions will help artists to understand the importance of how neurodiversity, gender, sexuality, disability, and/or racial equity intersects with the world of art in Caithness and beyond.

By attending training, art session leaders will be confident in their ability to create welcoming environments. We will be proud to have taken the time to learn how to contribute with knowledge and sensitivity to conversations that happen naturally around inclusion. Diversity Scotland looks forward to a flourishing relationship with Sidh Chailleann Art.

For more information on the availability of training, please contact Cally at

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