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Coronavirus exposes inequality

As more and more precautionary measures are implemented by governments and employer organisations to contain and delay the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic, will the divide between society's 'rich' and 'poor' be further exposed?

Nurseries, schools and universities are closing, shops are running low on stocks and Italy and Denmark are on total lockdown. Many employers across the world are asking employees to work from home.

What about those workers that can't complete their work tasks at home though as their work is manual or not mostly computer-based?

What about those people who are now going to care for their children not attending school?

What about those individuals who will struggle with isolation, loneliness and the impact on their mental health?

Freelancers and those on zero-hour contracts may find themselves without any earnings and those on low-to-middle incomes may not have been able to stockpile goods from the supermarket.

At a time where we have a collective responsibility for the wellbeing of the nation (and the world) let's be mindful of the inequality that exists in society, and let's all do what we can to support and help each other in a safe and inclusive way.

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