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Considering what may be on the minds of your employees? (March 2021)

The last couple of weeks have seen us face some of the most unfathomable, unacceptable and tragic events in recent times. As a business leader or HR practitioner it may be worth considering some of the things that your employees have been ruminating over, along with the associated impacts on those employees:

  • Meghan Markle’s interview where she disclosed her struggles with mental health and racism and how this led to thoughts of suicide, not to mention the media backlash from this that reinforced the adverse impacts of white privilege and racial gaslighting

  • The tragic murder of Sarah Everard and the assertions that followed suggesting that curfews be placed on men

  • The Westminster government’s bumbling and obfuscating response for calls to ban conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ people in the UK

  • The misogynistic public and political battering of Nicola Sturgeon following a court case and investigation involving Alex Salmond where a jury only returned a not proven verdict on a charge of sexual assault with intent to rape

  • The terrifying increase in anti-Asian rhetoric and hate-crime in the USA that has led to the murder of 8 people, and to psychological and physical injury to so many more

  • The planned legislation which will see people who seek refuge in the UK being sent off to ‘processing centres’ overse