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Includes You Coaching is business coaching passionate about help SME's achieve their potential.


Cath Strachan, Founder of Includes You Coaching discusses her motivations and how business coaching is key to success.

Learn more about Cath here.


Q: What were you doing prior to setting up Includes You Coaching?

I worked for over 25 years as a head-hunter recruiting CEO’s CFO’s and Commercial Directors for both small and large businesses, which gave me an insight into how businesses tick.

The ones that were successful regardless of size had one thing in common strong leaders that could motivate and see the bigger picture. I was privileged to know many, and was instrumental in placing many of them, and following their careers. Over 90% of them had mentors to help them stay focused on their goals.

Q: Why did you set up Includes You Coaching?

Business Growth Coaching was an easy switch for me, one that excites me every day. No two clients are the same or require the same help, that is what excites me about being involved with a varying range of SME’s.

Q: Why choose Includes You Coaching?

As a business coach, I will challenge your thinking, develop your strengths and give you clarity and focus, banishing the negativity that drags business owners down. They will help you deal with all the business issues that bog you down, and that deter you from focusing on what you and your business are good at.

Q: What is Includes You Coaching’s USP?

I have walked in your shoes and I can show you how 90 mins a day focused solely on your business, will eliminate the feast or famine cycle that some consultancies/businesses fall into.

Q: What are the long-term goals you hope to achieve?

I believe SME’s are the backbone of the UK and will steer the economy back on track, particularly from the harrowing effects of Covid-19.

I offer consultancies and SMEs real, practical help to fulfil the goals that inspired them to go it alone in the first place and that inspires me and it's the work I hope to continue.


Find out more at or connect with Cath on LinkedIn.

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