Cath Strachan

Founder of Includes You Coaching



My name is Cath Strachan, you may be interested in why my company is called Includes You Coaching. Well it is simple - I am passionate about inclusion and want you to know that when we work together, I will have the same values and drive for you and your business success as you have.

My background is that I ran a very successful Executive Search Consultancy for over 25 years, and can identify with the ups and downs of running a business. I have worked with senior personnel in many sectors and given personal career coaching to many executives along the way.

I can offer consultancies, and SMEs real practical help to fulfil the goals that inspired them to go it alone in the first place.

I have walked in your shoes, I can show you how 90 mins a day focused solely on your business, will eliminate the feast or famine cycle that some consultancies/businesses fall into. 

If Covid-19 has taught the business community anything it is to take nothing for granted, and to keep a steady flow of prospects in your pipeline. 

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