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Are you investing in Workplace Wellbeing?

Wellbeing and your approach to it is now vital for businesses in the post-pandemic workplace.

The events of the last eighteen months have affected everyone. Whether employees have been working from home or furloughed, everyone has faced their own challenges. 

Work-life balance, flexibility and mental health are front-of-mind for employees as they look to their employers for certainty about the future.

Edinburgh Community Yoga offer several workplace programmes for organisations to help support staff wellbeing, reduce rising stress levels, tackle anxiety and boost morale – making your workplace healthier and cutting sickness absence rates.

We focus on evidence-based strategies that help employees to learn how they can master their own wellbeing and improve collaborative and productive outcomes.  Our courses incorporate the most up to date neuroscientific information and knowledge available about stress. Employees will come away with realistic, effective and individualised strategies they can put into action immediately.

All our services can be delivered in person, live streamed or pre-recorded.

For full details on all our workplace wellbeing programs please see our brochure HERE; or contact us for further information.

If you are an employer who would like advice on the best way to reduce the impact of stress and mental ill health on your workforce but are unsure of how to start, contact us for one-to-one consultancy.

About Edinburgh Community Yoga

Edinburgh Community Yoga are a Community Focused Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise and alongside our Workplace Wellbeing initiatives we also run Community Outreach Yoga Programs, which make yoga available for people effected by trauma and poor mental health. Every penny goes back into the organisation to develop our projects. Your custom helps support the development and sustainability of this work.


Edinburgh Community Yoga
33-41 Ratcliffe Terrace


Mobile: 07966 502 085

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